5 Best Short Walks Near Truro

Best Short Walks Near Truro

When you feel the need to get your body moving and fill your lungs with the outdoors, the town of Truro, Cornwall has several easy walking paths that showcase lovely scenery, places from the past, and peaceful environments.

No matter if you call Truro home or are just passing through, these walks give you a nice brief respite amongst nature. If you’re a biophilic, these hidden waterfalls will amaze you!

Here are summaries of five excellent short routes close to Truro, each with their own special highlights:

5. Trelissick Garden Walk

  • Distance: About 2 miles round trip
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Starting Point: Trelissick Garden car park
  • Terrain: Well-maintained paths with minor inclines

Trelissick Garden Walk

Situated along the banks of the River Fal, the Trelissick Garden Walk, one of my favorite Cornwall walks, is more than merely passing through a yard of flowers. This land cared for by the National Trust presents a gorgeously arranged setting featuring forests, meadows, and gardens that explode with color depending on the time of year.

The route offers sweeping perspectives overlooking the Fal River mouth, with trails well-suited for families and able to accommodate all ages. The marvels include the prospect of investigating the home from the 1800s, lively gardens, and the sprawling coastlines. The fairly smooth paths make this an easy stroll that guarantees serenity and splendid scenery.

4. Malpas Village River Walk

  • Distance: Approximately 2 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Starting Point: Sunny Corner in Truro
  • Terrain: Flat riverside path

Malpas Village River Walk

This tranquil river route connects Truro to the little community of Malpas alongside the Truro River. Excellent for bird observers and nature enthusiasts, the path presents undisturbed perspectives over the surrounding waterways and woodlands. Along the way, you can watch various ocean and bird species, making it an ideal instructional walk for young ones as well.

The course is direct and even, which is ideal for an unwinding stroll or a morning jog. Malpas also offers a charming village feel with a couple of neighborhood pubs where you can appreciate a refreshing drink or lunch while glimpsing over the river.

3. St. Clements to Tresillian Walk

  • Distance: About 3 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Starting Point: St. Clement’s Church
  • Terrain: Mostly flat with some roadside walking

St. Clements to Tresillian Walk

This walk explores the historical area between St. Clements and Tresillian, winding along the Tresillian River, a region abundant in wildlife and natural splendor. The path, part of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s protected lands, is teeming with birds and, during the proper season, flourishing wildflowers.

The route is generally even and follows a blend of footpaths and tranquil village roads. Points of interest include the old St. Clement’s Church, the scenic river setting, and the lush, green scenery so characteristic of Cornwall’s interior countryside.

2. Daubuz Moors Walk

  • Distance: 1.5 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Starting Point: Coosebean Lane
  • Terrain: Varied, with some wet areas

Daubuz Moors Walk

The Daubuz Moors nature reserve is located just a short drive outside of Truro city center. Though close to the city, the loop trail feels remarkably peaceful. The reserve features a variety of habitats from woodlands to freshwater wetlands, supporting a diverse array of wildlife especially appealing for birdwatchers.

This is one of the easier walks but if you need something a bit less challenging, there’s a list of Cornwall’s easiest walks waiting for you. If you like the challenge but you don’t have time, we got you covered with these 30-minute short walks.

The paths can become muddy after rain, so sturdy shoes are recommended. On sunny days it makes for a lovely walk among nature. Whether looking to be alone with ones thoughts or to introduce children to the outdoors, this reserve offers a pleasant stroll without too much distance from the conveniences of the city.

1. Kenwyn Church Circular Walk

  • Distance: 2 miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Starting Point: Kenwyn Church
  • Terrain: Mixed terrain including some hills

Kenwyn Church Circular Walk

The Kenwyn Church Circular Walk is one of Truro’s hidden gems that begins at the historic Kenwyn Church, with origins dating back to the 1400s. The route offers a variety of terrains, including wooded trails, open fields, and a few inclines that provide lovely views of Truro’s skyline in the distance.

The assortment of landscapes makes this walk uniquely interesting and somewhat more demanding than others on this list. It offers a fine way to experience the countryside surroundings of Cornwall in a compact but fulfilling excursion.


The lovely village of Truro offers several walking paths for everyone.

Options include leisurely exploring the colorful gardens at Trelissick Estate, taking in riverside landscapes along the Malpas trail, or discovering historical areas between St. Clements and Tresillian.

Each route presents chances to experience the natural appeals and history specific to this region. For a serene break near town, Daubuz Moors Reserve is ideal. Meanwhile, the Kenwyn Church walk delivers inspiring perspectives along with alternate terrain.

In general, a brief stroll anywhere offers moments to feel uplifted by fleeting impressions of charm seen in both the local flora and vestiges of times past remaining in quiet areas.

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