Trevelgue Head from Newquay Station Hike

Hike from Newquay Station to Trevelgue Head and enjoy stunning coastal views and history.

If you’re down in Newquay, Cornwall, do yourself a favor and check out this awesome hike from Newquay Station out to Trevelgue Head. It’s about an 8km walk along the coast with some seriously sweet views of the cliffs and ocean the whole way.

I went there recently, and it was a great experience, especially for those who just want to relax alone while listening to music on their earbuds. I’ll share the whole experience in the following sections.

Starting Point

o I took the train down to Newquay one weekend to check out some of the hiking trails along the coast. Newquay station spit me out basically right in the town center, which was convenient. I wandered around for a bit getting my bearings – did some window shopping, picked up a coffee and a banana for the trail.

Setting Off

Stepping away from the station, I headed north through town following the signs for Trevelgue Point. At first, it was sidewalks and shops as I weaved my way through the busy streets. But it didn’t take long before things opened up and turned more rural.

Once I broke free of the main drag, the path straightened out and the urban hustle fell away. Now it was just me, seagulls overhead, and the crunch of gravel under my shoes. I already had a feeling this will be a nice adventure.

Coastal Walk

Once I broke through those last dunes it was like the whole Cornish Riviera revealed itself in an instant. Turquoise water as far as the eye could see, crashing waves putting on a show way below. Seagulls were floating on the breeze all around and that salty air had me beaming ear to ear.

From then on the hiking got real good. The trail stuck to the cliffs like a postcard, constantly rewarding me with new perspectives. Sometimes it hugged the rocky shore, other times high up on the grassy bluffs, but it never let up with those views, that’s for sure. What a feeling, being up there with the whole wild coast sprawling out beneath my boots.

Whipsiderry Beach

Whipsiderry Beach, Newquay, Cornwall

After a few Ks of cliff walking, the trail suddenly dropped down through the dunes onto Whipsiderry Beach – talk about an oasis! Scoring an empty wedge of that pristine blue sand was such a nice change from the crowds. No squealing kids or bustling beach umbrellas in sight, just me and a couple of surfers out catching what looked like glassy waves.

I purposely missed mentioning Fistral Beach and several other spots as I already wrote about them in my previous guide about interesting trails with ocean view.

It was gorgeous there – the expansive beach fronting an equally expansive ocean. I took my time stretching before sitting down to gaze at the view. Rays of sunlight sparkled where they hit wavelets.

Reaching Trevelgue Head

Trevelgue Head Near Newquay

After a few more kilometers along the clifftops, I began to spot signs pointing to Trevelgue Head up ahead. The gradient steepened slightly as I climbed towards what I knew must be spectacular views. Finally breaking through some gorse, the whole panorama opened before me – and what a sight to behold.

All around stretched the open water and jagged shorelines I’d been following all day. From up high it seemed endless, connecting sea and sky in every direction. The power and peace of this place was palpable. Spent some time just soaking it in, letting the ocean’s energy wash through me.

Wildlife and Nature

Rock Pools Newquay

Various seabirds could often be seen soaring overhead or perched on the cliffs, their calls mixing with the sound of the surf. On some stretches near the shore, I took time to explore tidal pools left behind by the receding tide. Occasionally small crabs or fish would dart around in the still waters.

Returning to Newquay

From Trevelgue Head I began the hike back, following the well-signed coastal path in reverse. I had more energy for exploring little coves or climbing small bluffs that I passed on the outward leg. A few hours passed enjoyably as I retraced my steps. Occasionally other groups would pass me going the opposite way.

Reaching Newquay Station in the late afternoon, I was ready for a meal after the full-day adventure. I was quite hungry, so I went to Steam Bar at the Great Western Hotel where I had a great portion of Mixed Grill.


My time hiking along the Cornish coast to Trevelgue Head was truly memorable. As you can see, it is a great solution for everyone who just needs a day for themselves. But you could bring the company as well. The only thin I wouldn’t recommend is to bring kids with you as those cliffs aren’t so safe.

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