Penzance to Marazion: A Short Walk

Penzance to Marazion

Penzance, famous for its pirate legends, the route to Marazion is smooth and works for everyone and our kids, who are hard to please!

We love the views of St Michael’s Mount along the way.

The path is clear and easy to follow, leading us directly to Marazion, a quaint little town.

If the tide is low, we walk over to St Michael’s Mount.

It’s our favorite way to spend time together, combining a bit of exercise with catching up and enjoying the local sights. It’s a simple, enjoyable tradition for us.

Penzance to Marazion infographic

2.1 miles (3.4 km) Walk

Our two families often meet up at Albert Pier. It’s become our unofficial starting line for the walk to Marazion.

The kids love the idea that they’re standing where Prince Albert once did, even if they’re more interested in the ice cream van than the history.

The Coastal Path

We head to the coastal path, making sure to avoid the seawall route that leads to a dead end.

The path next to the railway is a hit with the kids; they love watching the trains and pretending they’re racing them.

Passing Penzance Railway Station always prompts a quick history lesson, which we try to keep as light and fun as possible.

Chyandour Beach and Beyond

When we get to the spot overlooking Chyandour Beach, we usually take a break.

The kids use this time to ask a million questions about everything and anything.

The view of Mount’s Bay from here is a family favorite, especially on clear days when St Michael’s Mount is in full view.

Long Rock Beach

Reaching Long Rock Beach is always a highlight. It’s here we let the dogs off the leash, and the kids have a chance to play in the sand.

The beach is a great spot for some downtime before we continue our walk.

Marazion Finally


Crossing over to Marazion, the excitement bubbles up again.

We often talk about the ancient trees and the submerged forest as we cross the Red River.

It’s amazing to think about the history beneath our feet.

Exploring Marazion

Once in Marazion, it’s a mix of beach time, exploring, and maybe grabbing a bite.

Chapel Rock always sparks the kids’ imagination with tales of giants and ancient shrines.

If the tide is right, we walk across to St Michael’s Mount, which is always an adventure in itself.

Why We Do It

These walks have become more than just a way to spend a day.

They’re about making memories, spending quality time together, and giving the kids (and ourselves) a bit of a history lesson mixed with lots of fun.

Each walk feels new in some way, showing us that even familiar paths can surprise you if you’re with the right people. It’s a simple tradition, but it’s ours, and we love it.

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