Cornwall’s Top 3 Easy Walks for All Ages and Abilities

My partner and I have really been enjoying getting out and exploring more of what Cornwall has to offer. The countryside here is stunning – it’s easy to see why so many find inspiration in the landscape.

We’ve taken to doing a few short walks each day just to take it all in. There are trails everywhere, from the coastline to quiet country lanes. It’s been fun discovering new spots just minutes from where we’re staying.

No matter your fitness level or how much time you have, it’s easy to immerse yourself in the scenery here without too much effort. The views are well worth it.

I hope sharing a bit about our low-key adventures will provide you with some ideas for ways to experience this beautiful part of the country.

1. The Charms of St. Ives Coastal Path

Easy walks in Cornwall

So me and my wife went on a trip to St. Ives in England recently. It’s on the coast by the ocean. Anyway, one day we were just walking around looking for something fun to do.

Then I noticed this path that went along the water. It started near where all the boats were docked in the harbor. There were tons of boats in different colors sitting in the water. You could also see and hear the seagulls flying overhead making noise.

The path was made of smooth flat concrete so it was comfortable to walk on. On one side it was right up against the ocean so you had a really good view as you walked. On the other side, there were houses stacked up on the hills. A lot of the houses had little shops or galleries in them.

It was really relaxing walking there because it was right by the beach. You could see people surfing in the distance. The breeze from the ocean felt nice too. The best part was it was super easy even for little kids and people who needed wheelchairs could use it too.

We walked for a long time just looking at everything. It was only a couple miles around so we didn’t get too tired. I’d recommend checking it out if you go to St. Ives because it was cool to see the views of the water and houses. You could bring a picnic too and find a spot to sit and eat.

2. The Light Trails of Bodmin Moor

Cornwall walking trails

After we checked out that coastal path in St. Ives, we decided to do a little exploring further inland. We heard about this big open area called Bodmin Moor that was supposed to have some nice, easy trails.

The walk started near this place called Jamaica Inn, which I guess used to be like a hangout spot for smugglers back in the day. From there the trail just sort of wound around the hills. The ground was pretty flat for the most part so it wasn’t too difficult.

As we hiked you could see all different types of scenery changing around us. Lots of scrubby bushes and rocks scattered all over the place. It was pretty cool spotting some wild ponies off in the distance too amongst all the open space. We also learned there were some old stone structures and ruins from a long time ago, but we didn’t see any of those ourselves.

The path had signs up explaining the history and plants which was interesting to check out. A few times we stopped and took pictures of the big open sky, it looked cool during sunrise and sunset. Even though it seemed remote, the trail was marked so we didn’t get lost. It was amazing such a wild-looking place was still easy enough for our whole family.

Overall it was neat exploring more of Cornwall on the moor. The landscapes were unique compared to the coastal areas. I’d recommend it if you want to see a different side of the countryside there without too much effort.

3. The Serene Stroll Along the Camel Trail

We heard this one was especially good for families since it was flat and easy to navigate.

The trail actually follows an old railway track that doesn’t get used anymore. It goes from one town to another so the surface is nice and smooth. Because of that, it’s also suitable for wheelchairs and bikes if you want to bring those. We just walked but I saw a lot of other people biking.

It was really peaceful walking there – you could mainly just hear the birds chirping and leaves rustling in the trees. We also spotted some otters and these really colorful birds called kingfishers fishing along the river. There were also places to stop and rest your legs with benches provided, which was nice.

We went through some cute little villages along the way too where we stopped to check out the shops and pubs. The scenery was very pretty with the woods and river the whole way. It was a great easy-paced walk to experience more of what Cornwall has to offer.

I’d definitely recommend adding the Camel Trail to your list if you visit. It lets you enjoy nature but also learn about the history and culture of the area at your own pace.

Last Words

If you like getting outside and seeing nice views, these trails seem like a good way to spend a day in Cornwall. You can pick one that sounds most interesting or try a few if you have time.

It’d be a more relaxed way to explore the area instead of rushing around. So if any of you are planning a trip there, you should definitely check out some of these walking routes to see what the region’s about.

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