30 Minutes Walks for Truro: A Breath of Fresh Air

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I often head to Truro with my wife, our kids, and some friends for quick walks, usually lasting about 30 minutes.

It’s surprising how much you can experience in that short amount of time.

We wander from the bustling city streets to quiet riverside paths, where the contrast between urban and natural landscapes is just breathtaking.

Despite our busy schedules, we always manage to find time for these short walks in Truro. It’s out little way of sneaking in some exploration and quality time together.

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Our Favorite 15-30 Minute Walks Around Truro

1. Boscawen Park to Malpas River

We often start our walks at Boscawen Park and follow the river to Malpas.

It’s a simple 30-minute loop that’s easy for the kids and gives us some beautiful views.

They get excited about seeing birds and the occasional boat, and the flat path means no one complains about tired legs.

2. Riverside Stroll to Sunny Corner

Riverside Stroll to Sunny Corner

Walking from downtown Truro to Sunny Corner takes us about half an hour.

The kids enjoy the riverside scenery, and the smooth path is great for strollers.

We pass a few historical spots, which is a nice touch, even if the kids are more interested in the ducks than the history.

3. Trelissick Garden Exploration

Just outside Truro, Trelissick Garden is a hit with the family for a quick nature fix.

It’s not too far, and in 30 minutes, we can see a lot of the gardens and the river.

The kids love running around the different plants, and it’s a nice spot for a family picture.

4. Journey from Truro to Malpas

The walk to Malpas is calm and pretty.

It’s another easy route that suits us all, and being by the river is really relaxing.

Malpas has a nice vibe, and sometimes we grab a drink at the pub, which makes the walk feel like a mini outing.

5. Woodland Walk: Pencalenick to St Clements

When we want some quiet time, we head from Pencalenick to St Clement’s.

It’s a less-known 30-minute walk through woods and by the river, so it feels like we have the place to ourselves.

It’s a nice way to spend time together and enjoy the peace and quiet.

6. Museum to the Viaduct (10 Minutes)

Our families often take a quick 10-minute walk from the Royal Cornwall Museum to the viaduct.

It’s a simple way to mix a bit of learning with some outdoor time, and the kids love the change of scenery.

We pass through some nice parts of Truro, making it a fun, short journey for all of us.

7. Daubuz Moors Adventure (20 Minutes)

We love heading out to Daubuz Moors for a 20-minute escape.

It’s close, but feels miles away from city life, with lots of nature for the kids to discover.

he walking paths are easy, so everyone, no matter their age, can enjoy the trip without any fuss.

8. Quick Stop at Victoria Gardens (15 Minutes)

Victoria Gardens

Victoria Gardens is where we go when we need a quick break without leaving the city.

In just 15 minutes, we can all unwind a bit among the gardens.

It’s quiet and pretty, with plenty of spots to sit, and the kids can gently explore or just run around nearby.

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