The Complete List of Our Favourite Spring Walks in Cornwall

Explore Cornwall's best spring walks. Enjoy beautiful routes, history, and nature.

Living here in Cornwall all my life, everything seems to come alive again come springtime. After a long grey winter, it feels like the whole world is renewing.

Therefore, it’s a perfect time for us to continue with our hiking adventures. I will now share the most interesting trails we checked out in this area.

Before we continue, be sure to check some light trails perfect for those with kids.

The Hall Walk

The Hall Walk, Cornwall

There was simply no better way to spend a spring Saturday than touring the Fowey River Estuary by foot.

Leaving the harbor bustle behind, we followed the winding path through tranquil woodlands just coming alive with new greenery and blossoms. Birdsongs wove a natural soundtrack as we strolled at a relaxed pace, soaking it all in.

Small pleasures like spotting egrets in marshes or ducklings paddling restored our sense of joy and wonder. Before we knew it, hours had passed in this peaceful world apart. Reaching the ferry into pretty Bodinnick, tired but rejuvenated, we felt fortunate for trails preserving such pastoral gems along Cornwall’s coast.

Highlights of the route:

  • Stunning riverside views along the entire winding path
  • Diverse woodlands full of spring wildflowers and birdsong
  • Historical ruins and relics dotted along the way
  • Quaint coastal villages like Bodinnick on the riverbanks
  • Opportunities to spot local wildlife in marshes and estuary
  • A relaxing pace suitable for all experience levels and abilities

Rosemullion Head

The scenic trails along Rosemullion Head provide the perfect escape from the busyness of life. As I started my hike from Mawnan Church, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of calm wash over me among its historic stones, seeing families and friends enjoying picnics together in the sunshine.

My footsteps soon led me to the coastal cliffs overlooking the Helford River and Falmouth Bay. Breathless doesn’t begin to describe the emotions that swelled within me at the gorgeous vistas spread out before me.

Gulls soared on the breeze and I imagined the adventures they must see from above. In the water below, seals bobbed contentedly, and if I watched long enough, maybe I’d glimpse a playful pod of dolphins.

view from Rosemullion Head
View From Rosemullion Head

The invigorating three-mile trek along the headland tested my endurance but was thoroughly rewarding. By the time I completed the loop back to the church, I felt restored,my spirit lifted by the beauty of the natural world that surrounded me.


  • Distance: About 3 miles (4.8 kilometers)
  • Time: 1.5 to 2 hours for a moderate pace
  • Trailhead: Historic Mawnan Church
  • Sights: Breathtaking coastal views of the Helford River and Falmouth Bay
  • Wildlife: Opportunities to see seals, dolphins and seabirds

Crantock & Penpol Creek

Crantock & Penpol Creek Walk, Cornwall

The walk from Crantock to Penpol Creek is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Starting in the little harbor town, the flat path hugs the shoreline with water views the whole way. Everything is pretty calm – you can listen to the birds, and see what the sheep are up to. It’s peaceful.

Before you know it you come upon this nice hidden spot called Penpol Creek, perfect for stretching your legs. You feel refreshed being by the water like that. It’s a pretty easygoing stroll, not too much fuss, and good for clearing your head after a busy day. You’re back to Crantock feeling better in no time.

There are many hidden walks in Truro that have amazing views of nature and where you can have some privacy with your loved ones.

Porthgwarra to Porthcurno

Large parts of the cliff face drop dramatically down to the ocean below. It’s an impressive sight to see the waves crashing against the rock formations. Along the route is an outdoor theater built ingeniously into the side of the cliffs.

Eventually, the trail leads to Porthcurno Beach, a scenic spot to stop and have a picnic lunch. The terrain is uneven at parts near the edge of the cliffs. Hikers should watch their steps and keep children close. It’s about a four-mile trek that takes most folks two to three hours at a moderate pace. Proper shoes are recommended. The views make it worthwhile for those seeking natural scenery.

Porthcurno Beach
Porthcurno Beach

Key Points:

  • Distance: 4 miles
  • Time: 2-3 hours
  • Starting Point: Village of Porthgwarra
  • Coastal scenery, cliffs, beaches
  • Unique outdoor theater construction
  • Uneven terrain in spots near cliff edges
  • Moderate difficulty level and distance

Roseland Peninsula

Roseland Peninsula, St Mawes Cornwall

Starting in the harbor village of St. Mawes, you follow a gradual coastal route alongside fields dotted with sheep and spring wildflowers. Parts go through shady woodlands which is nice on a warmer day.

Views shift between the sea and inland green spaces at different points. The path carries you past small historic settlements to the final destination of St. Just in Roseland, known for its pretty church area. Plenty of families and elderly people are out enjoying the day.

At a comfortable pace, the roughly 6-mile route makes for a satisfying few hours outdoors. Scenery stays varied, sometimes beaches or cliffs, other times pastures and farms. Just right for clearing your head while appreciating Cornwall’s natural beauty.

Coastal Path and Dunes Walk

This short route provides scenic views of the coastline and surrounding area. Starting from the beach at Watergate Bay, the path runs parallel to the shoreline. Along the way are views of the ocean and coastal landscape.

view of the ocean
View of the ocean from Watergate Bay

One portion passes through sand dunes, offering different scenery than the beach or cliffs. The terrain is generally level and suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities. At a leisurely pace, the walk takes 1-2 hours to complete the 2-mile distance loop. Families, couples, and individuals can enjoy observing the seaside surroundings as well as any wildlife near the water and dunes.


Zennor to The Gurnard’s Head

Zennor to The Gurnard’s Head, Cornwall

Following the shoreline path along craggy cliffs overlooking ocean swells, walkers take in aerial views of rock formations jutting dramatically into the waves. Some sections pass inland through green fields bright with wildflowers under the warm spring sun.

Shaded woodland patches punctuate the pastoral scenery. After a couple of miles, the headland destination of Gurnard’s Head emerges a recognizable natural feature. A snack and rest reward the body while communing with nature’s beauty in this remote corner of coastal England.

Land’s End

Land’s End is one very special corner of Cornwall. Kicking off the hike near the landmark itself meant majestic views greeted you from the start. I spied towering cliffs falling sharply to crashing waves below, getting full sensory experience from the ocean breezes and cries of seabirds circling.

The route weaves past green pastures speckled with wildflowers, and woodlands offering shade. All the while the mighty Atlantic remained my scenic companion.

The Lizard Peninsula

The Lizard Peninsula walk, Cornwall

Beginning at Lizard Point, the historic southernmost location in the UK, the route hugs the shoreline for approximately 2 miles. Along the way are expansive vistas of the coastline meeting the ocean, with cliffs dropping down to seaside flats and beaches.

The terrain passes through grassy fields and scattered woodland areas containing wildflower blooms in spring. After 1-2 hours at a moderate pace, walkers arrive at the destination of Kynance Cove, known for its sheltered beach containing unusual geologic formations and vivid turquoise waters.

Overall the route provides a lovely opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of this coastal region for travelers of most abilities. Proper footwear is advisable.

Trelissick Garden

Trelissick Garden Walk Cornwall

The walk starts and ends at the main entrance. From there, the paved path winds through the expansive gardens, passing neat beds featuring an array of spring flowers in bloom. Sections of the route travel through shady woodland areas dotted with wildflowers.

Trelissick Garden is one of the shorter trails that will blow you away by its beauty!

Along the walk, brief views of the neighboring river and surrounding countryside can be glimpsed through clearings in the trees. Benches are positioned periodically for stopping to rest. The terrain is generally flat with minimal changes.

Last Words

In the end, I must state that the trails mentioned above are the ones we visited recently. This is not a full list of all spots where you can go on a hiking trip. But we will keep exploring and recommend new places as that is our interesting mission. So keep following, we will soon share some new hidden gems.

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