Editorial Policy

We focus on publishing trail guides, personal hiking experiences, safety tips, and conservation efforts related to Cornwall’s trails.

Content Creation Process

All trails and tips are thoroughly researched and experienced firsthand by our contributors. We reference official trail guides, and local conservation laws, and consult with local hiking experts to ensure accuracy.

Contributors to AShortWalk.com are primarily the founding couple and their friends, all of whom share a deep knowledge and love for Cornwall’s trails. Guest contributions are welcome from experienced hikers and local experts, subject to editorial review.

Editorial Review and Quality Control

Every piece of content undergoes a rigorous review for factual accuracy, relevance, and alignment with our mission. This includes verifying trail information, ensuring safety advice is current, and maintaining a respectful and inclusive tone.

The editorial team consists of the website’s founders and a select group of trusted friends, all seasoned hikers with extensive knowledge of Cornwall’s geography and environmental conservation efforts.

Updates and Corrections

Trails and outdoor conditions change; thus, we commit to regularly updating our guides and advice based on the latest information. Updates are dated and highlighted in the content. We value our readers’ trust and commit to correcting any inaccuracies swiftly.

Corrections will be acknowledged in the content. Readers are encouraged to report any discrepancies via our contact form.

User Engagement and Feedback

We welcome and encourage comments, discussions, and suggestions from our readers, moderated to maintain a respectful and constructive community environment. Our contact page provides direct access to feedback, suggestions, and partnership inquiries, ensuring open lines of communication with our audience.

Transparency and Accountability

AShortWalk.com is a passion project funded by its founders. Any sponsorships or partnerships for hiking gear or local businesses will be transparently disclosed.

Legal Compliance

Our content adheres to UK copyright laws, and data protection regulations, and respects the privacy and rights of the trails, local communities, and individuals featured or mentioned.


We strive to make our content accessible to all, including implementing web accessibility standards to assist readers with disabilities in navigating our site and enjoying its content. Learn more about us!

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