Top 4 Hidden Waterfalls of Cornwall To Visit

Discover secret waterfalls in Cornwall for a peaceful escape.

The sound of rushing water is one of nature’s most calming noises. As locals, we’re lucky to be surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes here in Cornwall. But with the summer tourist season in full swing, some of our favorite spots can get overcrowded. That’s why I’m sharing my top picks for the hidden waterfalls of Cornwall – places you may not find listed in your guidebook.

1. Golitha Falls (Bodmin Moor)

So I was driving through Bodmin Moor the other day, just exploring like I love to do on my days off. This area has so much wild countryside that most people don’t even know about. As I was turning down some narrow lane, I noticed a little sign for Golitha Falls. Didn’t think much of it at first but figured I’d check it out since I had time.

All of a sudden the sound of rushing water starts getting louder. I pushed through some big ferns and bam – this huge waterfall cascading down the rocks into a big pool. It was pretty awesome to stumble upon, let me tell ya.

Wandered over to the edge and just sat for a bit watching it all come tumbling down. Really relaxing, you know? Sometimes you gotta get away from it all and just enjoy simple stuff in nature. Stayed a while and took it all in. I couldn’t believe a place like this was hidden back there on the moor!

Walked further along the river and saw there were a few other smaller waterfalls too. While my intentions were to just rest near the water my wife was more into a photo session. So we spent the next half an hour taking pictures of this amazing spot.

On the way back, noticed there was an artist painting the falls. Kinda cool that they come to capture the beauty. Definitely gave me the inspiration to explore more of Bodmin Moor’s hidden spots. You just never know what you’ll find roaming around out there.

2. St Nectan’s Kieve (near Tintagel)

Turns out it’s not too far from Tintagel, just off the main road on a little private road. Had to pay a couple of quid at the entrance but that’s fair enough to maintain the trail. Followed the signs down and soon heard the roar of the waterfall in the distance. Came around the corner and wow, what a view opened up through the trees!

This massive cascade comes crashing down through a huge hole in the rock face. Must have been 60 feet easy. Formed this awesome pool at the bottom all surrounded by the stone. Really cool sight to take in, one of the best waterfalls I’ve seen around here for sure.

Wandered down closer and saw loads of people had left little rock stacks near the water. Guess there’s some old legend about making wishes there, so me and my wife just had to do the same. Not that we are superstitious, it was just a funny thing to do.

3. Rocky Valley (near Boscastle)

I was taking the coastal road up past Tintagel when I spotted a turnoff for the place called Rocky Valley. Didn’t know much about it as I never went there before. I turned in and followed the single-track road for a few minutes till I reached a car park.

Only a couple of other cars there so figured it wouldn’t be too busy. Then we grabbed our backpacks and started up the trail.

The falls are quite close to the road. We needed only around 10 minutes to reach them. Massive rocks rose up on both sides, with trees and ferns sprouting from the cracks. It felt like being surrounded by nature. We also saw some ancient carvings on the stones, adding a cool historical touch to the place.

Have to say Rocky Valley totally blew me away. Such an untouched, natural place yet still so close to the coast. Definitely need to come back and explore more of the trails when I have more time.

4. Lansallos Waterfall

I was visiting some friends down in Polperro for the weekend and we decided one day to go exploring the nearby coastline. They mentioned there was supposedly a waterfall near Lansallos that was worth checking out.

We parked up in the village and started following the signs towards the church. The path took us through some gorgeous countryside, all green fields and wildflowers. Began hearing the sound of rushing water up ahead too.

Came out of the trees and there it was, this beautiful little waterfall cascading straight into the sea over the rocks. Pretty crazy to see water meeting water like that. Only a handful of others there taking it in too.

We found a nice sunny spot to sit above the beach and just watched the waterfall for ages. So relaxing listening to it pour down while feeling the sea breeze. Could’ve stayed all afternoon really.

Final Thoughts

Cornwall has loads more great places if you’ll actually get out and explore. Each one I visited made me even more interested to continue this journey and share more of these amazing spots around my city.

Who knows what other cool things are still out there waiting to be found.

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