Newquay’s Night Walks: Walking the Coastline Under the Stars

Newquay's Night Walks Walking the Coastline Under the Stars

Last weekend me and some friends went for walks on the beach at night to get away from our normal lives for a bit.

We packed some tea and wore good boots for walking the cliffs and beaches. It was a clear night so we could see lots of stars! We didn’t follow a strict plan, taking turns choosing which way to walk next.

Here’s what happened on our night walks exploring Newquay’s coast.

10. Watergate Bay to Mawgan Porth

Distance: 2.8 miles

Highlights: Secluded beaches, dramatic cliffs, star-gazing opportunities

Approximate walking time: 1 hour

Watergate Bay to Mawgan Porth

This gentle walk starts from the buzzing atmosphere of Watergate Bay and transitions to the quieter, more reflective shores of Mawgan Porth.

The path is relatively flat, making it a perfect introductory route for night-time adventurers. The wide-open beaches provide excellent dark skies for star-gazing, especially on clear nights.

9. Porth Beach to Whipsiderry Beach

Distance: 1 mile

Highlights: Hidden caves, quiet spots for contemplation

Approximate walking time: 30 minutes

Porth Beach to Whipsiderry Beach

Short but sweet, this walk takes you through some of Newquay’s lesser-known beaches.

The trek from Porth Beach to Whipsiderry exposes walkers to hidden caves and natural rock formations, which feel otherworldly under the moonlight.

8. Holywell Bay Circular

Distance: 3 miles

Highlights: Holywell dunes, coastal panoramas

Approximate walking time: 1.5 hours

Holywell Bay Circular
This circular route around Holywell Bay offers varied scenery, including sand dunes and expansive sea views.

The dunes are an ideal spot for some nocturnal wildlife spotting, while the panoramic views of the coast are breathtaking by night.

7. Crantock Beach Circular

Distance: 2.5 miles

Highlights: Gannel Estuary, historic sites

Approximate walking time: 1 hour

Crantock Beach Circular
Winding around Crantock Beach, this walk offers views of the Gannel Estuary and passes by ancient sites, including a quaint old church.

The reflective waters of the estuary paired with the historical ambiance make this walk both picturesque and peaceful.

6. Fistral Beach to Pentire Point

Distance: 2 miles

Highlights: Surf watching, cliffside paths

Approximate walking time: 1 hour

Fistral Beach to Pentire Point
This popular surfing beach transforms at night into a serene walkway. The route to Pentire Point provides elevated cliffside paths that offer stunning views of the Atlantic under the night sky.

It’s also a fantastic spot for watching the first or last surfers catching waves under the sunset or dawn light.

5. Bedruthan Steps to Carnewas

Distance: 2.5 miles

Highlights: Iconic rock stacks, dramatic sea views

Approximate walking time: 1.5 hours

Bedruthan Steps to Carnewas
The majestic rock formations known as the Bedruthan Steps are even more impressive under the cover of darkness.

The path, although requiring some caution, rewards walkers with unparalleled views of the rugged coastline and the vast ocean.

4. Towan Headland Loop

Distance: 1.5 miles

Highlights: Panoramic views, Newquay Harbour lights

Approximate walking time: 1 hour

Towan Headland Loop
This loop around the Towan Headland offers expansive views of Newquay itself illuminated at night.

The trail offers a mix of urban and natural landscapes, with sights ranging from the lit-up harbor to the wide, starry sky above.

3. Trevose Head Lighthouse Walk

Distance: 4 miles

Highlights: Operational lighthouse, wildlife

Approximate walking time: 2 hours

Trevose Head Lighthouse Walk
The walk to Trevose Head Lighthouse provides a longer trek suited for those who like a challenge.

The functioning lighthouse adds a quaint charm to the walk, and the area is known for its biodiversity, especially birdlife.

2. The Newquay Discovery Trail

Distance: Varies

Highlights: Comprehensive tour of Newquay’s coastline, educational plaques

Approximate walking time: Customizable

The Newquay Discovery Trail
This self-guided tour around Newquay’s coast comes with educational plaques that explain the historical and natural significance of various landmarks.

It’s a customizable route that can be as long or as short as desired, making it perfect for families or educational groups.

1. Pentire Peninsula to The Gannel Estuary

Distance: 3 miles

Highlights: Sunset and sunrise views, estuary wildlife

Approximate walking time: 1.5 hours

Pentire Peninsula to The Gannel Estuary

Arguably the most beautiful route for a night walk in Newquay, this path takes you from the dramatic cliffs of the Pentire Peninsula down to the serene Gannel Estuary.

It’s particularly magical during the twilight hours when the sky and sea merge into one.

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