Top 5 – 1 Hour Walks Around St Austell!

Best One Hour Walks Around St Austell

My husband and I, in a fit of mild enthusiasm, recently explored some walking paths around St Austell, Cornwall. Determined to slightly elevate our heart rates while indulging in passive scenic appreciation, we chose five walks that promised minimal exertion for maximum environmental intake.

We went from historical harbors to industrial landscapes and mystical gardens, these trails offered a checklist of natural and cultural landmarks that we dutifully observed. Here’s an account of each walk, presented with all the excitement one might muster for a well-organized sock drawer. Let us trudge through the details together.

5. Charlestown to Porthpean Coastal Walk

Location: Starts at Charlestown Harbour

Distance: Approximately 2.5 miles round trip

Terrain: Coastal path with some inclines

Charlestown to Porthpean Coastal Walk Route

Starting from the historic Charlestown Harbour, made famous by its appearance in Poldark, this walk offers breathtaking views of St Austell Bay. The path takes you along the rugged coastline to Porthpean Beach, a perfect spot to relax and perhaps enjoy a quick swim.

The trail is moderately easy, though it includes some inclines which reward you with panoramic vistas of the sea. This route is ideal for photography enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

4. Pentewan Valley Trail

Location: Starts at Pentewan village

Distance: 2 miles round trip

Terrain: Flat, mostly off-road trail

Pentewan Valley Trail

The Pentewan Valley Trail is an accessible and family-friendly option that follows an old railway line from the quaint village of Pentewan up to St Austell. Mostly flat and off-road, this trail is perfect for walkers who prefer a gentle stroll that still offers scenic natural surroundings.

The path runs alongside the River Pentewan, providing a peaceful backdrop of flowing water and greenery. This trail also caters to cyclists and is dog-friendly, making it a versatile choice for all types of visitors.

3. The Clay Trails

Location: Multiple starting points including the Eden Project

Distance: Varies; several loops approximately 2-3 miles each

Terrain: Varied, some parts flat and others hilly

The Clay Trails St Austell

Clay Trails Icon Keys

The Clay Trails are a network of short walking and cycling trails around St Austell, set in the unique landscape of the china clay pits. These trails provide fascinating insights into the industrial heritage of the area, with viewpoints overlooking the white tips of the clay mountains.

Each loop offers something different, from wooded areas to open spaces with spectacular views. These trails are especially recommended in spring when the gorse and wildflowers bloom, adding a splash of color.

2. Gribbin Head from Polkerris

Location: Starts at Polkerris Beach

Distance: Approximately 2.5 miles round trip

Terrain: Coastal path with moderate inclines

Gribbin Head from Polkerris Route

Starting from the beautiful beach at Polkerris, the trail goes along the coast to Gribbin Head. This land is protected by the National Trust. It has some really cool landmarks. Have you seen the tall white tower at Gribbin Head? They built it way back in the 1700s to help sailing ships find their way.

The walk offers a mix of dramatic cliff scenery and lush woodland, culminating in a panoramic view from the headland over St Austell Bay and the English Channel. It’s a moderately challenging walk that rewards your efforts with a rich history and stunning views.

1. The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Location: Pentewan, St Austell

Distance: Multiple short trails, each around 1-2 miles

Terrain: Varied, mostly easy with some gentle slopes

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Just a few miles from St Austell, The Lost Gardens of Heligan offer a magical escape into a world of historic gardens and mysterious woodlands.

With a variety of paths to choose from, visitors can explore the lush tropical gardens, Victorian Productive Gardens, and the wilder, wooded areas where the famous Mud Maid sculpture lies.

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