About Us

Welcome to A Short Walk. Our goal is to provide a peaceful outdoor space for those who enjoy nature but have limited mobility.

This sanctuary was created by people with a shared love of hiking and the great outdoors. After an unexpected change in circumstances, they wanted to open up the beauty of nature to others facing similar challenges.

Here at A Short Walk, you’ll find easy trails through scenic areas. The pathways are designed for accessibility so anyone can experience the serenity of being in nature.

Whether you need a gentle stroll or just a spot to sit and take in the sights, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

How It All Started?

There was once a couple who loved nothing more than exploring the wild outdoors together. Hiking was their favorite thing to do. They hiked all over the place and had so many cool adventures. Being out in nature together is what brought them close.

Well one day, when they were out on a normal hike, something bad happened. One of them got hurt really badly! The doctor said they couldn’t do long, tough hikes anymore.

At first, they were really sad they couldn’t adventure the way they used to. But then they got an idea! What if they made a special place where people could still enjoy nature, even if they weren’t able to hike far?

That’s how A Short Walk was started. We wanted it to be a spot that lets people experience the quiet beauty of the outdoors, without having to walk miles and miles. Now we welcome anyone looking to take a gentle stroll and listen to the sounds of nature.

Because of what they went through, we get that some people just can’t do the long, tough hikes anymore. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy nature! We discovered all the beautiful spots you can see even on shorter, easier walks.

Meet the Team

Denzil and Jenifer are a really fun-loving couple from Newquay. Denzil loves hiking a lot and going on adventures in the outdoors. He thinks the best part is sharing what he sees with other people. That’s super nice of him.

Jenifer’s leg doesn’t work as good now but she still wants to experience nature too. They like exploring pretty places around Truro together. They enjoy it even more when they bring their friends Amelia and Jacob along. It’s more fun to make memories in a group and share stories later, right?

Amelia Rowe comes from a town named St. Austell. Amy was really good at running and sports. She writes about the cool places she finds. Amelia wants others to know nature can make you feel better.

Jacob Kogan is from Penzance. He really loves being outside in nature. Jacob doesn’t just like hiking – he enjoys lots of activities outdoors. It’s nice Jacob does things with his family and friends. Making memories together must be fun. Sharing beautiful places is important to him.

Our Mission

We’re all about making sure everyone feels welcome here. Nature is for everyone to enjoy, right? We love taking care of the outdoors and how being outside can make you feel better. Those ideas are super important to us.

By opening up our trails and telling people about them, we can help more people in the community connect with nature. That’s what gets us excited to do what we do each day.

We’re here for anyone who faces obstacles going outside. With us, you’ll see you don’t need to hike for miles to feel nature’s power. Even short walks can be really special!

We know the trails well since we explore them a lot. So you can trust us to help find spots you’ll like. We get what it’s like to deal with challenges. But we also know how to see beauty in shorter adventures. Whether you’re new or experienced, our guides will show cool places you can enjoy near where you live.

What makes us different is we lead with our hearts. We share our stories and tips to inspire others, just like you!

I hope you’ll join us on this nature discovery journey. Come check out the trails and areas we talk about – see for yourself how rewarding short walks can be. Feel free to share your experiences too if you want.

By connecting with each other, we find that sense of renewal and belonging. We all have a story, and together our voices can inspire more people to appreciate nature.

Wherever you’re at in your path, we hope A Short Walk can be an inspiring friend. Come see why every little trip truly is the start of something special.

The trails are waiting – I hope you’ll come to explore with us!