About Us

Welcome to A Short Walk. Our goal is to present some interesting hiking trails for regular people. For those who are not physically active, and people who want to spend a day with their kids in nature.

Here at A Short Walk, you’ll find easy trails through beautiful areas. The pathways are designed for accessibility so anyone can experience the beauty of nature.

How It All Started?

There was once a couple who loved nothing more than exploring the wild outdoors together. Hiking was their favorite thing to do. They hiked all over the place and had so many cool adventures. Being out in nature together is what brought them close.

Well one day, when they were out on a normal hike, something bad happened. One of them got hurt really badly! The doctor said they couldn’t do long, tough hikes anymore.

At first, they were really sad they couldn’t adventure the way they used to. But then they got an idea! What if they made a special place where people could still enjoy nature, even if they weren’t able to hike far?

That’s how A Short Walk was started. We wanted it to be a spot that lets people experience the quiet beauty of the outdoors, without having to walk miles and miles. Now we welcome anyone looking to take a gentle stroll and listen to the sounds of nature.

Because of what they went through, we get that some people just can’t do the long, tough hikes anymore. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy nature! We discovered all the beautiful spots you can see even on shorter, easier walks.

Meet the Team


Denzil Bennett

Denzil and Jenifer are a fun couple from Newquay. Denzil loves hiking a lot and going on adventures in the outdoors. He thinks the best part is sharing what he sees with other people.


Jenifer Marsh-Bennett

Jenny had an injury that now prevents her from going on more challenging adventures. But that doesn't mean she has to stay at home all day long. It's so motivating seeing her and her husband never giving up on what they really love, and that is nature.

They enjoy it even more when they bring their friends Amelia and Jacob along. It’s more fun to make memories in a group and share stories later, right?


Amelia Rowe

Amelia Rowe comes from a town named St. Austell. Amy was really good at running and sports. She writes about the cool places she finds. Amelia wants others to know nature can make you feel better.


Jacob Kogan

Jacob Kogan is from Penzance. He just loves spending time outside in nature. Jacob doesn't just like hiking - he enjoys lots of activities outdoors. He is the one responsible for sharing some more challenging trails on this website.


Our Mission

It is quite simple. We are just a group of friends dedicated to sharing our stories. The southern parts of England have much more to offer than just London.

We hope that you will enjoy our adventures while we are exploring beaches, light trails, not-so-challenging cliffs, and many other beauties available in this part of the UK.

The trails are waiting – I hope you’ll come to explore with us!

Read our editorial policy to understand how we operate behind the scenes.

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