Top 3 Short Family Walk Trails in St. Austell

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In St Austell, Cornwall, there’s a lot to love for families like mine who enjoy getting outside without making it a marathon.

The town’s known for its history and stunning views, but for me, the real gems are the walking trails.

There’s a variety for everyone – easy walks by the river, trails through the woods – perfect for any age and skill level.

I’ve come across three trails that are perfect for a family walk.

They’re not too long so the kids won’t get too tired. Also, we can see a lot of things along the way.

It’s a great way to exercise, learn something new, and have a fun day out with the family in the heart of Cornwall.

If you are here for the first time, this blog is about interesting hiking trails that are not so challenging. You know, those you can easily complete with kids, suitable for people who are not so physically active. The focus is on enjoying nature and making a lot of memories.

Now, let’s hop on those easy trails.

Short Family Walk Trails for St. Austell infographic

1. Mevagissey Treasure Trail

Mevagissey Treasure Trail

  • Distance: 2.6 km loop trail
  • Difficulty: Easy, takes around 34 minutes

My favorite part about this one is that it is unusually quiet. The fact is that hiking has become quite popular in recent years. It’s no surprise as well as many people are just looking for a way to escape the urban districts and boring offices and recharge at least a bit surrounded by nature. That’s one of the main reasons why I prefer this part of the UK instead of London.

Treasure Trail is in the historic fishing village of Mevagissey.

Mevagissey Fishing Village
Mevagissey Fishing Village

It covers various spots along the way, giving the opportunity to check out different attractions in the area. When doing the route, my sons and I make sure to take breaks to explore places like the church, museum, and aquarium. We’ve even stopped to grab lunch during the walk before.

The planning of the trail makes it a great option. It keeps my sons engaged the whole time, which is impressive since they can be hard to please. The laid-out path allows us to tour around at our own pace without missing anything.

We’ve walked this route on multiple occasions now. It works well for our family since the distance is short and the activity level remains light.

2. Polworth Close and Linear Park

  • Distance: 3.1 km loop trail
  • Difficulty: Easy, less than an hour to complete

This is another place where you will avoid the crowd. A part of goes through the city, but most of the trail is up in the woods.

If you plan to go there best time to visit is from December through June.

The trail goes through the town and into some green areas, offering a lovely detour through the woods and by the river to Linear Park.

It can get pretty muddy, especially after rain, so good walking shoes are a must.

Also, there’s a time limit for parking at the trailhead, so you need to keep that in mind.

3. Baal Pit and Carn Grey

Carn Grey

  • Distance: 5.5 km loop trail
  • Difficulty: Easy, takes around 1 hour 10 minutes to complete.

I often take my family on this trail. We love it because it’s quiet and perfect for a family outing, especially in July when the weather is just right.

This trail is like stepping onto another planet, with its Martian landscapes and ancient tors.

Despite a few hills, the views of the transforming industrial landscape are stunning.

Carn Grey

If you go there, you will be walking on the history of China Clay, a unique kind of decomposed granite found mainly around here and in Devon.

It’s been a big deal since Cookworthy discovered it back in 1746, used in everything from paper to cosmetics.

At its peak around 1850, the industry employed thousands in the St Austell area.

Now, the pits and the white paths and green pyramids we see, all are leftovers from those days.

Whenever we wander through, it’s a bit surreal to think places like Eden Project were once just like this, looking like the Ball Pit area does now.

It’s a favorite walk for us locals I dare to say it!

Safety Tips

  • I never forget to bring a small first aid kit in case of minor scrapes or insect bites.
  • To prevent harm to local flora and fauna and to ensure you don’t wander off track,  always stay on the marked paths.
  •  Before we set out, I make sure my phone is fully charged and emergency contacts are easily accessible.

Bottom Line

These trails around St Austell are a big hit with my family.

Each one, from Mevagissey to Linear Park and Baal Pit, gives us a taste of Cornwall’s natural beauty and history without wearing the kids out.

They’re easy walks, full of interesting spots, and just the right length.

A bit of prep and sticking to the paths keeps things smooth. It’s our way of soaking in the best of Cornwall, together.

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