The Ultimate Guide to Truro’s Hidden Walks

The Ultimate Guide to Truro's Hidden Walks

As someone who’s wandered through more than my fair share of trails with my husband and friends, the paths in Truro have always held a special place in my heart. Today, I’m going to share with you the secret gems hidden in the lush landscapes of Truro, from the serene stretches along rivers and creeks … Read more

How Walking Trails in Newquay Boost Your Health and Mood

How Walking Trails in Newquay Boost Your Health and Mood

In Newquay, where the ceaseless dance of coast and countryside forms a canvas of natural marvel, the walking trails twist and turn, humble yet wholly integral to the landscape. These verdant paths are not just conduits for casual strolls but potent channels for physical vigor and mental tranquility. Together with my husband and best friend, … Read more

5 Best Short Walks Near Truro

Best Short Walks Near Truro

When you’re looking to stretch your legs and breathe in some fresh air, Truro, Cornwall offers a variety of short walks that boast scenic beauty, historical sites, and tranquil nature. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, these walks provide the perfect quick escape into nature. Here’s a detailed rundown of the five best short … Read more

Top 5 – 1 Hour Walks Around St Austell!

Best One Hour Walks Around St Austell

My husband and I, in a fit of mild enthusiasm, recently explored some walking paths around St Austell, Cornwall. Determined to slightly elevate our heart rates while indulging in passive scenic appreciation, we chose five walks that promised minimal exertion for maximum environmental intake. We went from historical harbors to industrial landscapes and mystical gardens, … Read more

5 Must-Try Walks in Penzance for Every Type of Explorer

loe pool

When you visit Penzance, don’t miss out on some amazing walks around the area. These walks show off the local heritage, wildlife, and natural scenery, making them a key part of any trip here. I want to recommend five walks that are great for everyone, no matter if you’re into serious hiking, love nature, or … Read more

30 Minutes Walks for Truro: A Breath of Fresh Air

girl walking in nature

I often head to Truro with my wife, our kids, and some friends for quick walks, usually lasting about 30 minutes. It’s surprising how much you can experience in that short amount of time. We wander from the bustling city streets to quiet riverside paths, where the contrast between urban and natural landscapes is just … Read more

5 Walks with Breathtaking Ocean Views

Walks with Breathtaking Ocean Views -Newquay

My husband and I stumbled into Newquay by accident on a road trip. It was one of those gray mornings where the sky and my mood were competing to see which could be more somber. The town is plastered with postcards boasting bright skies and bluer seas, but as I stepped out with a coffee … Read more

Penzance to Marazion: A Short Walk

Penzance to Marazion

Penzance, famous for its pirate legends, the route to Marazion is smooth and works for everyone and our kids, who are hard to please! We love the views of St Michael’s Mount along the way. The path is clear and easy to follow, leading us directly to Marazion, a quaint little town. If the tide … Read more