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At ashortwalk we don't believe in waste. So we design, develop, produce and sell a wide range of eco products like tide clocks, house signs, reusable coffee cups and flower pots made from redundant materials that enable us all to truly recycle. Join the recycling revolution and explore our range and possibilities below.

house signs

Like a nice house sign next to your door? We developed a range of house signs made from recycled plastic plants pots. They are slate-like in their look and feel, very durable and strong. We offer the following sign options:

tide clock

The tide clock is where the ashortwalk story began many years ago. Now we have a full range of stunning tidal clocks that help you tell the tide. Products in this range are:

  • tide clock

  • time and tide clock

  • moon and tide clock

  • moon, time and tide clock

  • moon, tide and barometer clock


ashortwalk is the inventor and maker of rCUP, world's first reusable coffee cup and travel mug made from recycled paper coffee cups. The cup is 100% leak proof, dishwasher safe and features '360 drinking', so no more sipping through a hole!


Looking for durable indoor or outdoor planters, flower pots or plant pots? The ECOPOTS range is just what you may be looking for! Made from recycled plastics, these pots will not only look stunning in your home, garden or on your balcony, but they also help reducing the ginormous plastic soup in our oceans. 


Apart from our house signs, tide clocks and reusable coffee cups, we have a full range of useful indoor and outdoor products made from recycled UK waste materials. The range contains sundails and wheather systems (a moon clock combined with a thermometer or barometer), but also products like bird feeders, plant holders and food waste tables. Our shop also features a range of indoor cork clocks and outdoor clocks. All made from recycled materials and all made in the UK. Perfect to buy for your self, even better as a gift!


ashortwalk is a circular design practice. We make products from materials no-one wants, and we help others make unwanted materials viable, useful and desirable.


When ashortwalk was founded 15 years ago, our vision was simple: to live and work a short walk from the sea. We can hear the waves from our studio. Moving closer to the ocean was about making sure that we all remember, every day, what matters most: our relationships with people and our environment and our contribution to both...

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recycled materials

the future is now

At ashortwalk, there is no such thing as waste or litter. We see new raw materials and tomorrow’s new products.  Ranging from redundant plant pots and coffee cups to seemingly useless things like car bumpers, plastic bottles and yoghurt pots; we turn them into fantastic and durable products like a house sign, tide clock or a reusable coffee cup for you to use. Because it isn’t truly recycled until it’s reused.

become a reseller

start selling a range with a story

Looking for an exclusive and unique brand where design meets sustainability? A brand with a story which helps you add value for your customers? A brand which offers a range of tide clocks, bespoke house signs, flower pots and reusable coffee cups made from recycled UK waste? Ashortwalk is that brand.

team up with ashortwalk

turn waste into profit 

With our closed loop philosophy we help a wide range of companies and well known brands turn their waste into new products. Sustainable, economical and logical. Curious about how we can help you turn your waste into valuable products? 

about ashortwalk

This is where the ashortwalk story began. Just a short walk from the sea. Wind in hair and the refreshing smell of salty seawater filling the nose. A story of respect and love for nature and the desire to do good. A story of our ambition that far outreached banal things like money and career. They say the sea gives and takes. She gave us so much more.

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- Dan Dicker, MD and founder ashortwalk -

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ashortwalk is one of UK's leading companies in turning recycled waste into new products. Offering a wide range of products like tide clocks, house signs and reusable coffee cups, ashortwalk opens up the opportunity of buying stunning, durable and UK made products and by doing so, contributing to a better planet.

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