Tide clocks from ashortwalk. The tide clock made from recycled UK waste material

Tide clocks are a clever and easy way to tell what the tide is doing. Going to the beach is one of life’s simple pleasures and one where the difference between high and low tide might matter. So, planning for sandcastles, sunshine or surf? Tide clocks help you to make the most of your day!

But there is more to ashortwalk tide clocks: they not only help you to make the most of the beach, they also help to protect it.  Many of our tide clocks are made from recycled materials and help reduce and reuse waste by turning it into well designed and useful eco products. Made from either recycled plastic or paper, each tidal clock has a unique, almost slate-like look and feel to it, making them not only look stunning, but also highly durable. Like this material? Then make sure you also check our house signs and name plates range.

what is a tide clock?

A tide clock is a very simple but clever device which has been designed to synchronise with the rise and fall of the tides. The clock keeps track of the moon’s daily cycle which affects the movement of our sea levels and with that the tides. On average a full rotation cycle of the earth in relation to the moon will take between 24 and 25 hours, so low tide and high tide cycles each take up around 6 hours. To show these cycles  a tide clock is divided in two sections, one for the low tide and one for high tide. Ashortwalk have a range of tide clocks with some that also include a time clock, moon clock or barometer. If you want to know more about how a tide clock works just visit this Wikipedia page.


ashortwalk tide clock range

Stainless steel tide clock

The ashortwalk stainless steel tide clock is a true classic. Its clean design shows high and low tide while the high quality hand finish makes you want to look at it over and over again. 

Stainless steel time and tide clock

The ashortwalk stainless steel time and tide clock is as pretty as our stainless steel tide clock, but as an extra feature it also shows the time. It makes the trip to the beach so much easier to plan... 

Tide and moon phase clock with chalk

Last minute trip to the beach and forgot to mention where you're heading? Just write it on the clock! Yes, we guess you could also write down the groceries needed while you are off surfing, but it's not really recommended.

Recycled tide clock

This ashortwalk tide clock is made from recycled paper packaging. The material has a very solid, robust slate-like look and feel. Designed to be wall mounted.

Recycled time and tide clock

This ashortwalk time and tide clock is also made from recycled packaging material, but it also shows the time in addition to the tides.

Recycled tide and moon phase clock

Looking for a tidal clock which also shows the moon phases? Then our ashortwak recycled tide and moon phase clock is the one for you. Made from recycled UK packaging material it's not only helpful, but also very sustainable!

Recycled time, tide and moon phase clock

You want it all, right? Time, moon phases and tide times. We've got you covered with our ashortwalk time, tide and moonphase clock. Simply mount it to your wall and be master of the tides. As easy as that.

Recycled weather station

Latest addition to our range of time and tide clocks is this weather station. Made from recycled plastic bottles it not only shows the tide times and moonphases, but also features a barometer. So now you not only know when the tide is coming in, you'll also know if the weather will match your plans!

Time, tide and moon phase clock bottles

Also new in our tide clock range: the time, tide and moon phase clock as  described earlier, but instead of being made from recycled paper, this clock is made from recycled plastic milk bottles. Thanks to the addition of stonepowder this tide clock has a real slate-like look and feel.


how do I set ashortwalk tide clocks?

Setting up our tide clocks is easy. Visit our tide times page to find the tide times for your area and set your clock accordingly. Looking for the moon phases for your moon clock? We've got you covered with our moon phases page!

what materials are tide clocks made from?

There are many tide clocks for sale (also online) , many are made from a wide variety of materials. You can buy one made from brass, (stainless) steel, wood or a combination of those. The ashortwalk tide clocks are made from either stainless steel or recycled materials. We use recycled UK plastic plant pots, recycled paper packaging or reclaimed cork as base material for our eco products. Tide clocks made from recycled plastic or recycled paper packaging give the tide clock a unique and robust slate-like look and feel. In addition to those materials we’re currently also developing products made from recycled beach plastics. This way we do not only help you enjoy the beach, we also help in keeping it clean.

If you want to know more about what materials we use for our eco products, please make sure you visit our materials we recycle page

Where to buy your tide clock?

The best place to buy an ashortwalk product is of course from our own online shop! Visit the tide clocks page and you will find our complete range of tidal clocks, including our moon and time clock variants. For purchases over £35 we offer free UK delivery.

The history of the tide clock

We've found this rather nice piece of text about the history of the tide clock and felt like sharing this with you. The original text comes from the discover clocks website. If you're interested in even more info about clocks, make sure you pay them a visit!


The history of the tide clocks can be traced back to England in the 1600’s. Henry Philips of London published a tide table for the River Thames in 1668 while Royal Astronomer John Flamsteed, also of London, is well known for his work on tide tables from 1683 to 1693. Since Flamsteed was a contemporary of Isaac Newton, Isaac Newton also became interested in tides and determined that the tide was dependent upon the moon. Meanwhile, Thomas Tompion, a respected clockmaker in London, created the first tide clock, a longcase clock, in the mid-1670s. Two such clocks were made and they both indicated the time of high tide at London Bridge.

James Ferguson, a Scottish astronomer and instrument maker who lived from 1710 to 1776, not only studied tides but designed a tide clock which combined a clock that indicated time with a manual tide dial. The clock owner would manually set the tide dial to high tide once.

Other clockmakers soon incorporated a tide dial in English clocks of the period and these tide clocks became popular in seafaring regions of England throughout the eighteenth century. If the tide clock was created for just one location the tide dial often was incorporated with the phase of the moon dial and was not adjustable. These clocks used just one hand to show both the phase of the moon and the time of high tide.

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