The ashortwalk tide clock. The clock with a story.

A tide clock is a must have for anyone living near the sea. It tells you low tide and high tide and makes planning your beach day so much easier. But ashortwalk tide clocks also tell a different story…

The stunning, sturdy and sustainable tide clock that will make a difference.

As a specialist in designing pioneering eco products, we set out to create a tide clock range made from recycled UK waste material. We used redundant materials like recycled plastic plant pots, plastic milk bottles and paper for our tidal range. In addition to these materials, we’re currently also working on developing a tide clock made from reclaimed and recycled beach plastic. So you’re not only buying an ashortwalk tide clock because it looks good, you’re also buying it because with that, you do good. How’s that for a story?

  • Made from recycled UK waste

  • Fitted with quality dials

  • User-friendly, easy to read

  • Modern and timeless look

  • Strong, sturdy and stunning

  • They help in reusing waste, making for the perfect story!

So, why buy an ashortwalk tide clock?

our tide clock range

Whether you want just a simple tide clock, or one with a moon phase dial or time dial added, we have several options for you to choose from. Apart from two stainless steel ones, all our tide clocks have an almost slate-like look and feel to them and are ranging in colour from grey to black. Looking both modern and timeless our clocks are highly durable and will be your guide to the tides for many years to come. Our range in short:

tide clock

Tide ebbing or tide flooding? The basic tide clock tells you how much time there is to the next high or low tide.

time and tide clock

This clock also tells you how much times remains till the next high or low tide, but it also has a regular clock to tell the time making planning your day a lot easier.

tide and moon phase clock

Apart from showing the time between high and low tide, this clock also tells you the moon phases.

time, tide and moon phase clock

You want it all, right? Then this is the tidal clock you want: it shows the time, time to high and low tide and the moon phases.

tide, moon phase and barometer clock

Being one of our latest additions, this weather system no only tells you the tide times and moon phases, it also features a barometer and is available in both a horizontal and a vertical version.


how do I set my tide clock?

Setting up your ashortwalk tide clock is easy. Visit our tide times page to find the tide times for your area and set your clock accordingly. Looking for the moon phases for your moon clock? We've got you covered with our moon phases  page!

A tide clock; the perfect green gift

Buying a tide clock for yourself of course is great, but how about giving one away as a present? Surfer, swimmer or beach wanderer; for almost anyone living near the beach a tide clock will prove to be the perfect green gift. And with the ashortwalk story you’re not only giving them a great eco-friendly present, you also make them part of it. Hooray, three cheers for that!

About us

Tide clocks are an essential part of the ashortwalk story. It was the first product we designed and build when we started the some 15 years ago. Driven by our wish to live and work near the sea, a tide clock was the first logic product to develop because knowing the tides proves to be quite handy when you’re leaving near the sea. Also, a tide clock in general is a usable product which lends itself very well to be made from recycled materials and we felt we really could make a difference in the world of tide clocks, especially in the UK. Now, many years later we’ve seen our tide clock range grow and the company expand with other products like rCUP, the reusable coffee cup, ECOPOTS flower pots and planters and a stunning range of house signs. We’re proud to say ashortwalk has been a pioneer in making tidal clocks from recycled materials and we are planning on doing this for many years to come.

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ashortwalk is one of UK's leading companies in turning recycled waste into new products. Offering a wide range of products like tide clocks, house signs and reusable coffee cups, ashortwalk opens up the opportunity of buying stunning, durable and UK made products and by doing so, contributing to a better planet.

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