rCUP reusable coffee cup. Made by ashortwalk.

The rCUP reusable coffee cup is world’s first reusable coffee cup – or travel mug – made from recycled paper coffee cups. Something we are very proud of and which is a great testament of how we, as ashortwalk, are always looking to create new products from waste materials. The rCUP reusable coffee cup is 100% leakproof, dishwasher save, BPA free and is designed for a 10+ years lifetime. Sounds good, right?

rCUP Features

rCUP is not just a reusable coffee cup made from recycled paper coffee cups, we believe it is also the best reusable mug on market today. Why? Let us explain:


- The rCUP features a unique ‘push in – push out’ lid which makes it not only 100% leakproof, it also enables 360 degrees drinking. So no more sipping your expensive coffee through a tiny hole! And what’s more; thanks to this lid you can actually smell the coffee. Try that with a normal reusable coffee cup. Did we already mention that you can open and close the lid with one hand? No? Now we did.


- rCUP is insulated so it keeps your drink hot – or cool – for quite a while (in most cases up to 90 minutes!). Also nice; because the mug is insulated you can actually hold it while enjoying your hot drink. Used to use normal paper coffee cups? Then you know exactly why this is a big deal, right?

- And last – but certainly not least - of course because it’s better for the planet! With rCUP we not only prevent new paper coffee cups from turning into landfill, we actually recycled those that have already been used to create our reusable coffee cup. Furthermore, rCUP itself is also recyclable, something that does not always apply to other mugs and cups – for instance those which contains silicon - on market.


Want to know even more advantages of rCUP? Visit the rCUP website for additional information and stories.

The rCUP range

The rCUP range currently contains two sizes; an 8oz cup and a 12oz cup. Both cups are being offered in different colour combinations. In addition to the individual cups, we also created two bundles:  a ‘family’ bundle and a ‘you & me’ bundle. With both bundles you can save up to 15% on your rCUP purchase! Are you as excited as we are about rCUP? Then head to our shop and get yourself one of these great reusables!

About ashortwalk

Ashortwalk not only are the makers of rCUP, from our base in Perranporth, Cornwall we make quite a few more fantastic products from recycled UK waste materials. We have a great selection of tide clocks made from recycled paper packaging and plastic plant pots, have a line of slate like house signs and house numbers, offer a variety of neat outdoor products and are the official UK distributor for Ecopots, a brand in flower pots and planters made from recycled materials like plastic and natural stone. Keen on learning more about who we are and what we believe in? You can read our manifesto here.

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ashortwalk is one of UK's leading companies in turning recycled waste into new products. Offering a wide range of products like tide clocks, house signs and reusable coffee cups, ashortwalk opens up the opportunity of buying stunning, durable and UK made products and by doing so, contributing to a better planet.

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