House name signs by ashortwalk. Signs with a story.

Buying a house name sign can be about more than just to tell people where you live. It can also tell them something about who lives there.

House name signs by ashortwalk. Signs that make a difference.

House name signs are a great way to personalise your home or office. Whether they contain just the number, a name or your full address, your sign not only tells people where they are, it also tells them something about you. For instance, is your sign modern or more romantic, rustic or outright funky? And what material has been used for the plaque; slate, metal, acrylic, wood or aluminium? Answering these question can help you decide which house sign will suit you best. And to give you yet another choice, ashortwalk brings something different to the table. A house name sign made from recycled UK waste. It looks like slate, but we believe it’s way, way better…

The story behind our house name signs

So, what makes it better? Well, we - like so many - love the look of slate house name signs. But we also believe slate should remain where it belongs; in our soil, preserving our beautiful landscape.  Being a specialist in developing pioneering eco products, we took on the challenge of designing a slate-like name sign made from recycled UK waste. Recycled plastic plant pots proved to be a perfect base to create our sturdy plates. This makes our house name signs:

  • Very durable

  • Break proof

  • Slate-like in its look and feel

  • UV, hot and cold resistant

  • Easy to mount

  • Very good looking.


And, what's more, with our signs we not only prevent tonnes of unwanted and unused plastic plant pots to end up as landfill, we also hope to reduce the use of slate for products like house name signs because now there is an eco-friendly alternative. So you’re not only buying an ashortwalk name plate because it looks good, you’re also buying it because with that, you do good. How’s that for a story?


our house name signs range

house name sign single line

The perfect plaque to personalise your cottage. Or anything actually. The single line house name sign comes in two sizes (10 x 33 cm and 10 x 45 cm) and will proof to be the finishing touch to your house. And also eco-friendly, what more could you wish for.

house name sign large

With sizes of 18 x 30 cm and 20 x 32 this two line house name sign is designed to make an impression. Also slate-like, this plaque is stunning and sustainable at the same time. Quite nice.

house name plate extra large

Now we're talking plaques! This extra large house sign comes in two sizes (22 x 35 cm and 28 x 45) and of course is made from recycled UK waste. Like all our signs available with border and hidden fixings. 

How do we make your house name sign?

All ashortwalk house signs are handmade. For this, we start with our basic slate-like plaque made from recycled plastic plant pots. Now, one of our specialists goes to work engraving the plaque with the house name. After this is done, several layers of special paint are sprayed on the plate, giving your sign a crisp and stylish look. Fixings and borders are added to specification and the entire house sign gets a good inspection. After the OK is given we send it on its way. We never use printing as a technique for making our signs, we only engrave and spray paint. This way we know our name signs are stunning, stylist and highly durable. They withstand sun, heat and cold and will be the mark of your home or office for many years to come.

Buying a house name sign online; how does it work?

Ordering your ashortwalk house sign online is simple:

  1. Choose your preferred size house name plate.

  2. Select your finish. Do you want your house sign with or without border and with or without hidden fixings?

  3. Found your plate and finish? Great! Now it’s time to select your font and colour. We offer four default fonts; Time New Roman, Century Gothic, Trebuchet and Script and all in three colours; white, ivory or silver.

  4. Depending the sign of your choice, we now will ask you for the information you want on your sign. You can specify per line and of course if we have any doubt or run into trouble we will contact you before making your sign!

  5. All is almost done and your just a few steps away from ordering your stunning bespoke house sign. Proceed to the payment page (we support Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Masterpass and JCB), fill in your details and finish your order.

  6. You will get a confirmation email after your order is placed. Because all our house signs are handmade, production usually will take 7 to 8 days.

  7. When you receive your house name sign, drill the required holes in your wall, attach the sign to it and enjoy! Happy ? Send us a photo, we love to see where our babies end up!

A personalised house name sign. 

The perfect green gift

Buying a house name sign for your own home of office of course is really nice, but how about giving one as a present? Friends moved into their new house, business moved to a new building or you really think your next door neighbour’s cottage could do with a new sign and his or hers birthday is coming up soon? Give them a house name sign! Personalised, original and with a great story to it!

About ashortwalk

At ashortwalk we design, develop and sell products made from recycled UK waste. From our base in Perranporth, Cornwall, we set out each day to create products made from seemingly useless materials. For example, we use recycled paper coffee cups for our innovative rCUP reusable coffee cup and recycled paper packaging as well as recycled plastic plant pots for our tide clocks collection . We have a line of cork clocks and place mats as well as products like bird feeders and plant holders. All made from recycled materials. Also, we help companies and brands to turn their waste into reusable products following our ‘nothing is truly recycled until it’s reused’ motto. Want to know more about who we are and what we believe in? You can read our manifesto here 

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ashortwalk is one of UK's leading companies in turning recycled waste into new products. Offering a wide range of products like tide clocks, house signs and reusable coffee cups, ashortwalk opens up the opportunity of buying stunning, durable and UK made products and by doing so, contributing to a better planet.

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