ECOPOTS flower pots and planters

Ecopots is an exciting Belgian brand in flowerpots and planters and is relatively new to the UK. It offers a full range of pots for both indoor and outdoor use and sets itself apart with it's clean and timeless design. Ecopots are made from a unique composite of recycled plastics and natural stone, which makes them not only very durable and strong, it also gives them a unique look and feel. Ashortwalk is proud to be Ecopots' exclusive UK distributor, servicing both shops through the country as well as offering the collection through our own web shop. Wondering where to buy Ecopots in the UK? Check the dealer locator or simply click the button below to explore the range in our shop.

Why choose Ecopots?

Ashortwalk is all about recycling and reusing waste materials. Ecopots, like our ashortwalk products, are made from recycled materials like plastics and natural stone and therefor are a logical addition to our product range. What really sets Ecopots apart is their distinctive, handmade finish which is unique to this market. Ecopots flower pots and planters are lightweight, strong, UV and frost resistant and even help to keep the core temperature of the plants’ roots stable in both hot and cold. Sounds great, doesn’t it? If you want to know more about the brand and their philosophy, make sure you visit the Ecopots website!

The Ecopots range

The Ecopots range contains a full range of flower pots and planters for both indoor and outdoor use. Home, garden, terrace or balcony; for every space there is a matching Ecopots. The range features both small and medium sized flower pots as well as large planters. Also there is a collection of hanging pots - both hanging baskets as rectangular planters to hang from your balcony – to help you cover every part of your outdoor space. They are available in several timeless colours like grey, black, stone white and – in some cases – terracotta and each pot has the distinctive, handmade finish.

Ecopots and innovation

Designed by architects, Ecopots is not your average brand. All pots and planters are developed in a different way, looking for the perfect combination between form and function. This results in a range of products not only stunning and durable, but also very clever and innovative. For instance, the Venice flower pot is a pot which has the drainage system incorporated in the design of the pot. Or how about the Amsterdam Wall, a small flower and herb pot with an innovative and easy suspension system with which it can be hung 'blind' from a wall? Simple illustrations of how Ecopots sets itself apart from the competition. Make sure you check the full range to see all cool Ecopots products available in the UK!

About ashortwalk

At ashortwalk we design, develop and sell products made from recycled materials. Apart from the Ecopots range, all products we offer are designed and made inhouse at our base in Perranporth, Cornwall. For example, we use UK waste materials like recycled paper coffee cups for our innovative rCUP reusable coffee cup and use both recycled paper packaging as well as recycled plastic plant pots for our tide clocks and house signs collections. Also, we help companies and brands to turn their waste into reusable products following our ‘nothing is truly recycled until it’s reused’ motto. Want to know more about who we are and what we believe in? You can read our manifesto here.

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ashortwalk is one of UK's leading companies in turning recycled waste into new products. Offering a wide range of products like tide clocks, house signs and reusable coffee cups, ashortwalk opens up the opportunity of buying stunning, durable and UK made products and by doing so, contributing to a better planet.

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