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Turn your problematic waste stream to a profit making revenue stream

All the simple, easy, economic waste streams of the world have been solved with established infrastructures yet recycling rates still hover around 43%. Global brands and waste management companies recognise we now need to innovate more than ever. New closed loop circular economy solutions are needed to open up new markets and create new demand for waste. This is why we work with all companies, large or small, to research and develop new products and get them to market.

From a problematic waste stream to a profit making revenue stream, we can analyse waste, develop polymers, design product, manufacture and deliver to market using our established retail channels. Truly a one-stop-shop.

Bar caddie made from recycled coffee cups

our services

analyse waste

You will be very surprised at what we can turn into a product! A very swift review of your current waste streams often throws up a huge amount of potential, from classic and proven PP, Styrene, PET plastics to organic materials that can be processed and blended into a polymer.

develop polymers

A 'yes we can' attitude is essential to breaking down conventional barriers. Using a net-work of University labs and polymer experts we are able to review, develop, test and sample all types of waste streams into new usable polymers and by all types we really mean ALL types!

design product

It’s one thing developing a new material but to create ‘value’ it has to be turned into commercially viable products and that is where many companies struggle. We are experts in taking waste to market, from generating concepts to 500k tooled up solutions.  Coupled with our 30 years plus design experience we understand the complex-ities of getting product through relevant de-partments and all the barriers to entry.


Making products from waste is not easy which is why we run everything in the UK. As well as our own facilities we have a large network of proactive research and development based manufacturers, not scared of the ‘yes we can’ attitude.

deliver to market

We have been designing and making our own range of recycled products for 14 years so we can guide you on how to get new ideas into the market-place. The added bonus is that we’ve established a global retail network across many sectors so we can very often find a market for you.



Turning used coffee cups into new commercial products.

With only 1 in 400 cups currently being recycled from the 8 million used per day in the UK alone Pret was keen to explore new closed loop solutions.  Working with our polymer and recycling partners we’ve found a way to recycle the entire cup and blend into a usable, commercially viable polymer.  This ground breaking material allows us to explore a wide variety of products for Pret a Manger from bulk solutions such as pallets and store fit outs through to more customer facing products such as napkin dispensers and trays.  Being given the chance to review their existing product ranges has enabled us to improve on functionality and introduce significant cost savings.


Fundamentally, circular economy solutions save you money and all types of businesses can benefit from creating closed loop solutions. You may be stuck with problem waste or you may already have most, if not all, of your waste recycled.. But why not explore diverting some of that back into your business, saving you money, creating extra revenue and enabling you to engage with your customers in a positive proactive way. We're more than happy to explore the possibilities with you.

A few of the companies we work with
So, let's team up!

Interested in finding out how we may help you turning your waste stream into a profit making revenue stream? Send us an email and we'll be in touch!

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ashortwalk is one of UK's leading companies in turning recycled waste into new products. Offering a wide range of products like tide clocks, house signs and reusable coffee cups, ashortwalk opens up the opportunity of buying stunning, durable and UK made products and by doing so, contributing to a better planet.

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Bar caddie made from recycled coffee cups