How is your bird feeder

helping to save our planet?

Let's get the kids get off the screens and back outdoors enjoying nature!

Don’t throw away your tin can, reuse it and create something new, practical and useful like a bird feeder! This simple to use 'make your own bird feeder' kit provides all the components young children need to make their own unique bird feeder. With all the main parts made from recycled plant pots and car tyres they will not just enjoy the thrill of seeing wildlife use their feeder but also gain a hands on appreciation of how items can be recycled and reused.

1 x Base made from recycled plant pots

1 x String

1 x Rubber seal/ stopper

made from recycled car tyres

2 x Blank wrap for you to

create your own designs

Instruction and educational

pamphlet tat explains

the recycling process.

Use the parts to create your own bird feeder. 

to create something like this

The 'make your own' bird feeder comes with instructions and an educational guide to inspire behaviour change around litter, recycling and reuse. It is also linked to key stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum objectives.


Our other bird care products

Bird feeder/ Apple feeder

A simple and elegant way of recycling unwanted food for the birds in your area.

Made from recycled plant pots, collected through our UK-wide pot to product scheme, this bird feeder is the perfect gift for any green minded gardener or bird enthusiast.

The bird feeder comes with a selection of ideas on which food best suits a variety of bird species appetites

Bird cake kit

Having a fat ball/bird cake feeder is a great way of attracting birds to your garden and ensures birds in your area remain fit and healthy!


Made from recycled yoghurt pots, this bird cake kit is the perfect gift for any environmentally conscious gardener and bird enthusiast.


Includes instructions and recipes

Food waste table

The food waste table has been designed to enable leftover household food to be easily offered to the birds in your garden, rather than having to buy expensive 'off the shelf' food.

Made from recycled plant pots, collected through our UK-wide pot to product scheme, the food waste table provides a clean and practical way of offering unwanted food to your needy neighbours.Comes ready to hang in the garden with string. Just add food!

Let's get the kids get off the screens and back outdoors !

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